How to be the student of the month

How Student of the Month are chosen is a mystery to many.If you ask junior Hanah Choice, she would explain the process of selecting Students of the Month as sorcery.

“They all gather and have a witch cult or some kind of ‘kumbayah’ or perform some kind of wizard or superstitious dance or song,” Choice said. “Then all the teachers would have a saying or a handshake and then a face would appear in the cauldron and that would be the student of the month.”

While few have a theory as elaborate as Choice’s, many students wonder how students of the month are chosen.

According to  Assistant Principal’s Secretary Deborah Thomas, each month an e-mail is sent to staff  asking them to nominate four students, one from each grade level. These students should exemplify the following four characteristics: contribution to school, good grades, leadership and cooperation with students and teachers.

After the teachers submit their nominations, Thomas compiles a list and categorizes the names to see who has the most votes. The winners are then announced.

Choice said she would feel accomplished to be chosen.

“It is always nice to be recognized and it also gives you a title for that specific month.” Choice said.

The perks of being the student of the month are taking a picture with Principle Greg Freeman and receiving a certificate and a stuffed tiger.