Dream Jobs

The top determining factors of what one might pursue in the future is based around social hierarchy, money, pride, and parent concerns. Think of something you are truly passionate about pursuing without these concerns.

Freshman Jannette Nguyen said, “A very famous Oscar award-winning actress because I love acting, imagining things, and doing what comes from within.”

Sophomore Kelly Dinh said, “The President of the U.S., because it’s fun to think about how I could make all these changes to the world and make it a better place to live in.”

Sophomore Matthew Marquez said, “A blue Power Ranger because they get their weapons for free, kill monsters, and have cool costumes.”

Junior Peter Duong said, “A zookeeper, because I like animals and I get to tame lions which chicks dig.”

Senior Hao Qi said, “A comic strip writer because I like drawing pictures and writing stuff that goes with them.”

Senior Tran Ma said, “A famous politician because I want to be influential and because when famous people say something, people listen to them.”

Senior Haley Harrison said, “A very great, successful, and big filmmaker because that is the dream that has kept me alive. I’d also like to be married to James Franco and Summer Haulder and best friends with Quintin Tolentino and Eli Roth.”