Alumnus appears on ‘Jeopardy!’

Kerr graduate Timothy Callo was in “Jeopardy!” in October, appearing on the television quiz show.

Callo, a 2004 graduate, competed on the show aired Oct. 22 on KHOU 11.

Jeopardy! does not follow the typical question-and-answer format of a quiz show; the contestants must provide a question to either an answer or a clue. The topics range from sciences and wordplay to pop culture.

On this episode of Jeopardy!, two other contestants played against him: Betsy Chisolm, a volunteer storyteller and Glenn Fleishman, a technology specialist and returning Jeopardy champion.  Callo earned $1,000 during his Jeopardy experience.

After he graduated from Kerr, Callo attended University of Houston and is now a manufacturing engineer.