STUCO holds event for Thanksgiving

Student Council will be holding an event for the Thanksgiving holidays before break. Thanksgiving break will be from November 19-23 and Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 22.

STUCO will be passing around four necklaces with turkeys. Students who receive the necklace are encouraged to pass them to their peers and tell them what they’re thankful for.

“We’re going to be passing around 4 turkeys. It will start with 4 different people and they will be told to pass the turkey they have to someone else, but as they pass it on, they have to say what they are thankful for,” Student Council President Emarchele DeVilla said. “The purpose of it is to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. We’re encouraging that people pass them along to people they do not know. Hopefully, we can get the whole school involved.”

This event will take place on the last day before break, November 16. STUCO officers will keep track of the necklaces to make sure they’re being passed around.