General Question: Do you think it’s safe to stay after school?

Do you think it’s safe to stay after school? 

Sophomore Travis Dinh:
“I feel safe staying after school because Kerr is a really small close environment. I almost know everyone here. We’re all cool with each other. It’s not like we would do anything to hurt each other.” 

Senior “Sunny” Sharanjit Sembhi:
“Yeah, there’s students everywhere, there’s teachers everywhere, there’s nothing really out there to get me.” 

Sophmore Tracey Lee:
“Yeah, I think it’s normal because there’s hall monitors and a lot of people.” 

Junior Marie Tangu:
“Yes…We’re not staying late, so you have to leave at a certain time, and you’re leaving when it’s light outside. So, if it was extremely dark than I’d say it’s unsafe. I don’t think it’s the only factor, but it’s a major one for me ‘cause a lot more happens when it’s dark.”