Veteran’s Day Wall to honor Kerr’s Veterans

Veteran’s Day was on Sunday, November 11, and to honor veterans, Student Council and Technology Specialist Cynthia Payne worked together to create a wall for Veteran’s Day.

50 Stars: Junior Tiffany Wu staples stars onto the wall. Over 50 stars were submitted by students and staff and more still being submitted. “I think it’s great that Kerr is honoring veterans,” Wu said. “They keep us safe and free.”

Last Thursday, students who had or currently have family members serving in the United States Military were asked to write the names of their family members down on stars during advisory. Later that day, students stayed after school and worked on making the wall.The theme for the wall is “Freedom isn’t Free.” Along with stars, several posters of the different branches in the military and photos of staff veterans were also hung.The wall is located in the hallway between the Social Studies center and the testing center. Students who would still like to submit stars for the wall may see Payne in the business center.