Students prepare for Black Friday

As the clock gets ready to strike midnight, shoppers stand outside eagerly waiting in the cold for the doors to open. As the doors open, they rush into the store.

Back when accounting records were kept in ink, “red” symbolized a loss in revenue and “black” indicated  profit. The day after Thanksgiving, stores that were in the red moved into the black on their holiday sales, which is where the term “Black Friday” came from. Now it’s a symbol for the start of the Christmas shopping season.

While Black Friday is often stressful, there are a few ways shoppers can prepare themselves for the day.

“It’s ideal for shoppers to check what they want to buy before you shop,” senior Khoi Pham said. “Just look at the ads beforehand; before you even get there just check online for the stuff you need.”

With huge crowds and people rushing for items, even intense shopper senior Kaylan Agana finds Black Friday too overwhelming.

“I would have to get up very early and I’m not that much of a morning person,” Agana says, “I’m kind of a small person so I wouldn’t do very well in crowded places.”

Traditionally Black Friday sales were only made available in stores. People who aren’t willing to go to stores, but want to take advantage of Black Friday sales can shop online.

“I’m not really into shopping on Black Friday, that’s why the have online shopping, which is where I come in, because I like online shopping,” Agana said.

People interested in shopping who don’t want to face the craziness of Black Friday usually wait until Cyber Monday. It gives deals and discounts online much like Black Friday, but from the comfort of home. People also have the option of buying items online for Black Friday prices, opting for convenience; the only catches are the wait time and shipping and handling.

I don’t want to wait in line at like five in the morning,” junior Dan Trinh says. “I would rather shop online for computers, headsets, and other electronics,” he said.

Black Friday will be on November 23, the day after Thanksgiving. Stores are sure to be filled on that day along with the overflow of internet users on Cyber Monday.