Volunteer opportunities during break

In the charitable spirit of the holidays, Kerr students will have the opportunity to give back to the community by getting involved in upcoming events. Local humanitarian outreach facilities will be offering various winter celebrations that students interested in volunteering can be a part of over the break. 

Alief-centered House of Amos is one of them. 

“They’re doing their annual Christmas part for kids and families… and the parents who come in,” National Honor Society sponsor Toni Maness-Richards said. “They have three different sessions, and Santa’s going to be there and take pictures with them.” 

 The events are free for all to help, not just NHS members. 

“I mean, we have 20 volunteers that are going from NHS and there are a few people from other schools,” Maness-Richards said. “Some orchestra members are playing also — Christmas carols.” 

The Christmas celebration isn’t the only thing that House of Amos has scheduled, though. 

“They have a fresh fruit food drive once a month and the next one is on December 18,” Maness-Richards said. “Right now we’re collecting food for them; I talked to [FBLA sponsor Doris] Curry this morning and she wants to do a food drive for them also. So there are things coming up.” 

On a larger scope, Student Council has a few things planned for helping the Children’s Museum of Houston in Downtown. Most of their focus is on the upcoming winter event this Saturday. 

“[On] Saturday we have the children’s museum volunteer event,” senior Han Tran, head of community service committee, said. “It’s in downtown. The requirement is that you have to be at least 14 and you have to arrive on time. You have to help to assist to stock items or you help the customer to answer questions or you help take care of the children or work in the café, or the gift shop, or sell tickets.” 

The philanthropic feeling a person gets after volunteering isn’t the only benefit gained from participating in this event, however. 

“In my opinion, it’s a really cool event because if you go, you get job training for free and free recommendation to college or a job,” Tran said. “You also get 10 percent off when you go to the café or the gift shop. You also have a fun time.” 

Later on in the New Year, StuCo and NHS will continue to keep kids updated on how they can get more involved in Houston events and how to rack up those precious volunteer hours. 

“[Volunteering] is for everyone,” Tran said. “I think that even though we’re in StuCo, everyone deserves to be a part. I always send out updates, so if you go on Facebook, if you can’t find it you can email me or message me; you can go to the search bar and type in Kerr StuCo. I always send out messages and how to sign up in those links.”