A PSAT to be held on October 17

All freshman, sophomores, and juniors are required to take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test on October 17.

Schedule for Wednesday:

7:20-7:35: Advisory

7:40-10:45: Report to testing location for PSAT testing

10:50-12:50: 3rd Period (Lunches will be served)

A Lunch: 10:50-11:30

B Lunch: 11:30-12:10

C Lunch: 12:10-12:50

12:55-1:20: 4th Period

Testing Locations:

9th grade:

A-Ngo: Testing Center

Nguyen-Tran: Social Studies

Tre-Z: Room 411


10th grade:

A-L: Math Center

M-Perez: Spanish Center

Peri-Tjon: Business Center

Tong-Yu: Room 328


11th grade:

A-Hid: Science Center

Ho-Pham: English Center

Phan-Torres: Room 334

Tran-Z: Room 333


12th grade:

A-Z: Cafeteria

(Senior profile photos will be made during the testing period.)