Presentations made about child soldiers


When donations were made to help Uganda, there were stickers handed out.

Students paid close attention to the video that was presented.


On Tuesday, November 2, Invisible Children, a non-profitable charitable organization, will be coming to Kerr to discuss child soldiers.

“The purpose of Invisible Children is to educate the world about the inhumanitarian use of children as soldiers in Uganda,  Africa,” explained Social Studies teacher Steve Levine.

Another reason for their visit is to get students involved by buying goods that will be sold after the discussion is over. The proceeds will go towards helping former child soldiers have better lives.

In this visit young Ugandan citizens will be at the presentations to give explain the importance of Invisible Children’s message and purpose.

“We will be visited by young Ugandan citizens who will explain the work of Invisible Children,” Mr. Levine said, “[they will] show a video and then offer the student body the opportunity to help out by purchasing t-shirts and other items to raise money for the cause.”

Seniors and freshmen will attend together at the first presentation and then sophomores and juniors will attend the second presentation.