Final Exams for Term One draws near

As finals for Term One approach Kerr students rapidly, students begin to stress over the test that may ruin his or her first report card.

Junior Thu B. looks over her Pre-Calculus review for the final.   She scans her eyes through each problem, trying to ignore the distractions, surrounding her in the English Center.

“I am scared of this final. I’m not as good as math as I was before. Before, I use to ace all my tests, now my test grades are getting lower and lower,” Thu said, “I hope taking this final will bring up my grade.”

Even though most students are dreading the upcoming two days of the finals, there are some who aren’t even concerned or worried.

“I am confident in taking all my finals.It’s a challenge to me and gives me something to do,” sophomore Travis G said, “I am not nervous about any of them. I have strong [grades] in my classes. I may not get a perfect score, but I might just miss one or two.”

“I regret not exempting because now I got to take all of my finals. I didn’t exempt because I’m lazy. I didn’t feel like going through the process,” freshman Micaela C said.

Final Exam Schedule


Advisory                         7:20-7:40

1st Period   (Final)        7:45-9:45

2nd Period  (Regular)  9:50-10:10

3rd Period   (Final)       10:15-12:15

       A Lunch   10:45-11:14

       B Lunch   11:15-11:44

       C Lunch   11:45-12:15

4th Period  (Final)       12:20-2:20


Advisory                       7:20-7:40

3rd Period (Final)       7:45-9:50

4th Period (Final)       9:55-11:55