Clubs to check out


Monika Woods, sponsor of Knitting Club

Announcements are made on the PA system – the usual STUCO, Students for Humanity, Cadre Kerr and Speech & Debate. For freshmen, these clubs may be the only ones they know and are worth going. Upperclassmen would raise an objection, thinking there are other clubs but fail to know any. Here are some underrated clubs that are so overshadowed most Kerr students wouldn’t even know they existed.

Science and Engineering Club

Eric Dunlap
Eric Dunlap, sponsor of Science and Engineering Club

It’s not guaranteed that this club will make anyone the next Bill Nye the Science Guy, but the fun projects will wake up those tiny brain cells. Meetings are on Mondays in the Science Center.






Knitting Club

Monika Woods
Monika Woods, sponsor of Knitting Club

Knitting is a relaxing activity for anyone of any age. Though the club is currently inactive, anyone interested can talk to Ms. Woods in the Math Center.






Anime Club

Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi, officer of Anime Club

For those that are interested in Japanese culture and language, join Anime Club. It’s an escape to a different world. Get immersed in a life unlike reality — where humans are controlled by robots, food is purchased from space, frogs are tyrants or all three. The variety of plots and genres are endless. Its meetings are on Fridays at the Social Studies Center from 2:30 to 4:10. Each meeting will be centered on a theme or a season and the members will discuss the anime’s historical background and content.




Gamer’s Club

Raylan Houston
Raylan Houston, officer of Gamer’s Club

Gamer’s Club is a place to learn with each other about gaming and play with peers in the real world. Meetings are on Thursdays at the Social Studies Center from 2:30 to 4:10.






Table Tennis Club

Rick Madsen
Rick Madsen, sponsor of Table Tennis Club

Get your paddles out for Table Tennis Club. Started by Timothy Wang, a Kerr alumnus who made it to the 2012 Olympics, Table Tennis Club continues to be a friendly environment for epic rounds of table tennis. Meetings are on Tuesdays most weeks. With no official officers or members, anyone can attend at any time to play table tennis.