Dunlap Nation Returns

Keep Calm and Goggle On.

Dunlap Day, a Kerr tradition, began in 2009 as  a way to show  students’ appreciation for science teacher Eric Dunlap.

“Who doesn’t want to be Mr. Dunlap for a day?” Chemistry teacher Margaret Bancroft said. “He’s quite a character.”

On Dunlap Day, students  wear their best Dunlap attire: a tie, button-down shirt, slacks, and — especially important — a pair of goggles.

“We all wear our best Dunlap attire, which preferably would be a pair of black Dickies,”  Bancroft said. “There is never a time where Mr. Dunlap isn’t wearing his goggles, safety is very important!”

Dunlap’s Daily Attire

Monday: Tie

Tuesday: Tie

Wednesday: College Shirt

Thursday: Tie

Friday: Kerr shirt “Go Team Kerr!”