Au revoir, Mr. Schowalter!

As one door closes, another opens. French teacher, Aaron Schowalter, can relate to that. Kerr has eliminated French from being the curriculum, leaving Schowalter to find a new job.
Q: What was your first thought when the staff told you that this was your last year?
A: I was shocked, really. I didn’t expect this school to be cutting language classes. If anything, I would have expected an increase in language classes. Also, French is a very international and beautiful language, so it saddens me that Kerr has eliminated it.
Q: Were you upset to leave Kerr?
A: I was quite upset at first, however after thinking about it for a while, I realized that this was actually a positive opportunity for me to move on to bigger and better things. I have enjoyed my time at Kerr (since 2006) but I don’t feel it is the best fit for me and my abilities anymore.
Q: Are you more nervous or excited about your new job?
A: I am excited about working at a new school and I am going into it with a positive attitude. If I have taught the students at Kerr anything over the 5 years I have been here, I hope that I have taught them to be positive and to be polite and respectful. These skills will help them to be successful in whatever they choose to persue.
Q: Where will you be teaching?
A: I will be teaching at Cycreek High School in the Cyfair district.
Q: Will you have different grading techniques on the children?
A: Yes, the grading will be slightly different due to the fact that it will be a traditional class with shorter periods, so I will be giving more daily grades.
Q: What will you be giving the students instead of PAKS?
A: I am contemplating using PAKS in the new environment. I plan on giving them smaller chunks of work. For example, instead of 2 week PAKS, 1 week PAKS or less.
Q: How many levels of French will you be teaching?
A: I will be teaching all levels of French (1 through AP 5) and I will only be teaching French. I am looking forward to that, as French is my passion, and at Kerr, I never had the chance to teach just French; I always had to teach something else as well.
Q: When the staff at your new school told you that you got the job, what was your reaction?
A: I was happy to be offered the job; I wasn’t too worried though, because I know I am a good French teacher and that someone would pick me up eventually. God always has a plan for us, and I just needed to stay faithful and positive.
Q: Were you close with any teachers here? If so, will you miss them?
A: Yes, I am close with a number of teachers here and they know who they are. I most certainly will miss them, but we will stay in touch I’m sure.