Kerr’s Blood Drive

The Kerr High School blood drive held on May 21st featured many enthusiastic first time donors and “senior” donators.

Giving blood is not something anyone can do and it is still a challenge for those who can, which is why not every capable donator will feel the same way they felt as when they first signed up for the drive. Sophomore Cindy Lopez, when asked about how things have changed from when she signed up for the drive said, “I felt excited about it, but it’s the big day and I’m kind of scared now.”

Sophomore Gustavo Garay  said, “I felt normal, didn’t think about it that much [while signing up],” but during the process of giving blood Gustavo said he was “nervous.”

Similarly, even some senior donors still retain their nervousness. Sophomore Rebecca Negri said, “[when] I signed up I was alright, this is for the greater good, I’m gonna do it,’ but I’m nervous cause I don’t like needles,” but she also said “I know what to expect, so I’m not as nervous.”

However while giving blood fundamentally ends up saving lives, not everyone donates for just that reason. Sophomore Roddrinskee Johnson said, “I wanted a challenge.”

Gustavo on the other hand said just to donate.