Accounting II 5.0 GPA

Students as well as many teachers at around campus are buzzing about the new addition of a 5.0 class right here at Kerr High School. This class is of course: Accounting II, a class which many people have been pushing and pleading for.

“[After] years of hard work and effort,” business teacher Doris Curry said, “our hard work has finally paid off.”

She is just one of the many people who have been striving for and eagerly awaiting the addition of a 5.0 business class. Her hard work has led to the excitement amongst students.

When asked if she thought the course addition deserved so much attention, Curry said, “I think so, because we’ve pushed so long, and so many people can use it.”

Counselor Dawn Walls, who has experienced ecstatic students about the course, explains the hype surrounding the course. 

“I think classes like this are important because colleges seem to take interest in students with a strong education in business,” Walls said.

Walls also feels that there should be more courses available at Kerr that offer a 5.0 grade, but only if it’s “valid”. 

“The class should be rigorous and actually deserve a higher worth,” she said.

It’s easy to see that a 5.0 class means more than just a grade, but stands for a high level of schooling.

Although, this class could come in handy to many people, there is also another side to the story. There is a possibility that some students are taking the class solely for the increased worth, while they in fact have no interest in what the class teaches our offers you along the way.

When asked if she thought students should take a course they have no interest in, just for the benefit of their GPA, Curry said, “No, never. Students should, by no means, put themselves in a class they don’t see themselves benefitting from later in life.”