Spanish III skits

Spanish Skit I
Innocent or Guilty? Junior David Dinh is shocked from being accused as a murderer. He's been working on his act for about a week and a half . "This presentation was fun overall, but remembering a lot of lines was a little tough," Dinh said.
Spanish Skit II
Just as any other happily ever after story, sophomores Hadiqa Memon, Jennifer Ho, Jennifer Vo, Brandon Vu, freshman Jose Gonzales, and junior Janique Alcantara ends the skit with their date at the ball. Sophomore Jennifer Ho had almost 8 years of acting and didn't fail to amuse the audience again. "This was the last scene of our Spanish project where my fairy godmother came in late, but everything was resolved!" Ho explains.
Spanish Skit III
An unexpected tragedy occurs, freshman Kevin Tran falls upon the ground dead and sophomore Marie Gonzales frantically calls for help. Due to Tran's first time acting, there were many nerves before and throughout the skit. "I enjoyed playing dead in this presentation," Tran said.
Spanish Skit IV
Perhaps in a pool of tears there can be guilt, sophomores Sumaiya Asif and Marie Gonzales have a meeting in the interrogation room to discuss the murder scene. The acting of Gonzales dramatically surprises Asif as they present their skit. "It was a nice experience to put all my spanish to work," Asif said.