Teachers win grant for photo workshop

Kerr journalism teacher Laura Negri and Hastings journalism teacher Andrea Negri have been chosen to receive a $9,372 grant from the Fund for Teachers.

The pair will attend the 10-day European Exposure teachers’ photography workshop, where they will explore digital photography and teaching techniques in Vienna, Hungary and Barcelona.

In addition to the workshop, the grant will also purchase new lenses for school cameras. The teachers plan to revise their photography curriculum for their journalism classes after attending the workshop.

“I screamed when I opened the envelope, because I thought it was a rejection because it was thin,” Laura Negri said. “I’ve never been out of the US and I’m really looking forward to it; I’m looking forward to learning new skills I can bring back to the classroom.”

Andrea Negri is a 2005 graduate of Kerr and is in her third year teaching at Hastings. Laura Negri has been teaching at Kerr High School for 11 years.