Senior Bucketlist

Graduation: a sign of sanctuary or the beginning of misery? Either way, there is an abundance of wishful activities left undone for many seniors. All that is left to do is make the remaining school days count.

Here is a selected list of seniors surveyed out of 75 and their senior bucket list :

Senior Bucket List
Seniors want to cram a few more moments into the year.

Senior Prank (An organized prank pulled by the senior class)—Carlos C.

Reconnect with old friends—Jonathan V.

Pass Gov—Wilson T.

Learn how to dance before prom—Cherry C.

Attend a LIVE Ellen DeGeneres talk show—Sheryl C.

Learn Japanese —Cameron C.

Go Paintball—Irene I.

Skinny Dipping—Yuyin L.

Bungee Jumping—Paul A.

Party all night —Ahmad L.

Go to Schlitterbahn—Betty V.

Senior Ditch Day (A tradition in most American high schools where the senior class skips school on a pre-determined day.)—Hana N.

Eat at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives—Erick T.

Go clubbing —Nita T.

Prom —Melvin W.

What’s on your senior bucket list?