Bundu Khan: Delivering an un-Khanny experience

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to Bundu Khan, a Pakistani restaurant located on 11887 Bissonnet and Kirkwood. Given the shabby exterior, I expected nothing more than mediocre cuisine. However, after a rave review from a friend, I decided to give it a shot.

As I mentioned before, the exterior looked run-down with yellow paint chippings and a flickering neon sign; once inside I felt a welcoming atmosphere with a family to my right enjoying their meal and the enticing scent of meat skewers being grilled behind the counter.

The menu is small, consisting primarily of meat-related dishes, but the quality of the food makes up for the lack of variety. I ordered chicken breast tikkas, a chicken dish marinated in spices and yogurt, and paratha (flat bread). Costing $5.99 and $2.00 respectively, the price was decent for the proportion. The average price range is $5.00 –  $10.00, with Batiar Quail being the most expensive dish at  $15.00.

The chicken tikkas are served with lime, cucumbers and onions. A raita sauce (yogurt, cucumber, herbs, and spices) and a sweet tamarind sauce are offered as condiments. As I bit into the chicken tikka, an explosion of flavor erupted in my mouth. It was wonderfully tenderized, fresh, and had a little kick of spiciness. The paratha was also hot and fresh, like it came straight out of the oven.

However, to experience the flavor at maximum level, it’s best to eat both the dishes together. First drench the chicken with the lime juice. Tear off a piece of paratha and stick a piece of chicken tikka in it. Wedge in a piece of cucumber and onion and then add the raita sauce. Then take a bite. The combination and diversity of flavor and texture is astounding. The raita sauce combined with the fresh cucumber complemented the yogurt/spice marinade of the chicken tikka. If you want to add a touch of sweetness, drizzle on some of the tamarind sauce.

Other dishes I saw served at Bundu Khan included beef boti, a beef dish marinated in spices, yogurt, and lemon; lassi, a hybrid drink between a smoothie and a milkshake; and kheer, a rice pudding dessert.

The only complaint I had was the lack of air conditioning. While it wasn’t too hot inside the restaurant, I can’t imagine coming to dine here during the summer when temperatures can reach the hundreds.

Overall, Bundu Khan offers great authentic Pakistani food for a reasonable price. Be aware though that the restaurant is small and it Khan get really packed during lunch and dinner hours. Besides that, this places deserves the rating of 8 out of 10.