Useful college links and information

All students have full access to the following links that will help them find scholarships and financial aid while planning for college. 

College Answer – Helps determine college costs and affordability. Also provides information on loans and financial aid

The College Board – Contains useful information on preparing for PSAT and SAT

fastweb – Has valuable information on scholarships, financial aid, and student loans

Find Tuition – Contains resources for college money and finding tuition

Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid – Allows students to search national database for scholarships

Scholarship – Helps students find scholarships and free college money

Scholarship Hunter – Contains a free and easy search for scholarships and financial aid in various categories – Free searches on college scholarships in money for college education

School Soup – Gives students over $32 billion in scholarships awards

Weekly Scholarship Alert – Allows students to register to receive weekly emails containing a list of scholarships