Photobombing spreads among students


You are with your friends, taking a picture. Finally, it’s the perfect photo…until you see someone in the background, making some random face, ruining the picture.  It is something we have all seen around, whether it’s on Facebook, Tumblr or maybe even in your of your own photos.

“Photoboming is a pretty pointless but a funny thing to do between friends,” junior Travis G. said. “When someone sees a picture, it should immediately stand out and make them want to laugh.”

Photobombing is when someone intentionally (or accidentally) ruins your picture by doing something randomly distracting in the background.

“I think it’s rude but I do it myself so I can’t really say anything,” freshman Isra T. said. “More than six years [ago] was the first [time] I photobombed. It’s not like I knew the term photobombing but it was just fun to interrupt.”

This trend isn’t well-liked among people. There are those who sees photobombing as disrespectful, but most realize it’s all in good fun.

“If it happens to me, I’ll be like ‘Ugh!’ and then a minute later, I’ll be laughing,” sophomore Elohor O. said.