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2017 brings the end of an era

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, here are some memories and photos captured of events occurring throughout different areas of Kerr High School.

Also a huge congratulations to the Kerr High School Class of 2017 for making it through all four years of high school. This is only the beginning!

Lunch time activites are commencing as seen by the several class of students playing a game of street soccer.

P.E. students are seen playing an intense game of volleyball as sophomore Kobe Negron craddles the ball upwards.

Engineering students are seen working on a crafty project involving wind powered cars.

Juniors Vi Le, Sophia Phan, Tracy Hoang and Ngoc Le are casually chilling in the Business center during their free time.

Assistant Principal Terri Launhardt is seen applauding after an emotional farewell performance for her and Principal Greg Freeman by the Kerr High School Choir.