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Senior accepted to accounting program

Senior Lupita V. becomes to first Kerr student to get accepted into the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP). The program involves students about accounting, finance, economics, and management, while introducing them to executives from major companies."I found out about the program through Ms. Curry," Lupita V. said.

Senior Lupita V. was selected to participate in the Accounting Careers Awareness Program (ACAP) this summer at University of Houston, being the first Kerr student to ever be accepted.

“They sent me an email, saying I got accepted,” Lupita  said. “I was feeling happy because I got into the program and it was really competitive, because when they sent out a list of those who qualified for an interview, it was close to 55 or 60 people. So to pick 24 people out of a lot of people, I was a little bit nervous, but after when they told me I got accepted, I felt really good.”

Accounting teacher Doris Curry encouraged her students to apply for the program, in hopes to give them more insight and experience.

“I wasn’t surprised,” Curry said.  “I mean I was excited for her, but I wasn’t that surprised because she is a really good student. But it’s always good and sort of surprising anytime my kids get accepted into these programs because we get overlooked.”

The program is held at the college campus, being an one-week residency summer opportunity.

“I thought it would give me more opportunities to learn about my career field, which is business and I’m really interested in accounting,” Lupita V. said.

The application process consisted of filling out an application and sending two letters of recommendation, a transcript, a photograph, and an essay, and, if qualified, attend an interview.

“[The interview] wasn’t that bad because I had experiences with other types of interviews’ settings like with individuals and also with groups so I kind of had that confidence,” Lupita  said. “I also prepared 2 or 3 nights before for the questions they asked me.”

Participants of the program interacted with executives of companies such as Shell, Coamerica Bank, Chervon, Chase, and the Internal Revenue Service.

“I hope to gain a lot of experience and be able to network with executives from other companies and get more insight about my career field,” she  said.