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The Student News Site of Alief Kerr High School


The Student News Site of Alief Kerr High School


2021-2022 Staff

Justin Nguyen

Class of 2023, Photo major and Content minor, beat reporter for NHS, DASH Executive Board member for STUCO!

Olajesu Adeyeri

I am a junior, apart of the yearbook staff. I major in the design team in yearbook. My interest is learning how to design pretty and nice pages for the yearbook.

Tijesunimi Oboh

I'm in the 11th grade and on the photo team minoring in social media/marketing. I am interested in rewatching tv shows like Grey's Anatomy and Blindspot on repeat.

Jacob Bonner

I am a Junior and is currently on yearbook staff. My major is content.

Truc Luong

I'm currently a senior on the yearbook staff. My major is in marketing and my minor is in design :)

Aranzazu Carreno

Hi there! My name's Aranzazu, I'm a senior, and I'm the Editor-In-Chief of The Kerronicle. I'm also president of Kerr PALS (my beat assignment), NHS parliamentarian, and a member of NAHS, NTLB, and Prom Committee. I enjoy reading,...

Nhi Pham

Grade: Junior Major: SM&M Minor: Photo Interests: Reading, Video Games, Photography, etc.

Zacalinh Elizondo

Hi, I'm Zacalinh and I'm a junior at Kerr High School! This is my second year as a staff member of Kerronicle (aka my school’s newspaper)! I’m also a Girl Scout. Outside of school, I like to bake, write, read, listen to music,...

Hibah Khan

I'm a senior at Kerr, and I am a part of the Yearbook staff in which I chose my major to be photography. I was assigned to be the main photographer for the senior class. I took Photojouranlsim in my freshman year and it was interesting...

Jennifer Lam

I am a sophomore at Kerr high school, I have two dogs, and I like to watch anime. I wouldn't consider myself an introvert but I'm not too extroverted.

Emily Dang

I'm just another writer for the yearbook. Churning out quality stories at a decent pace is my goal for the 2022 yearbook.

Chelsea Burnett

I’m on the yearbook staff as the story editor. I’m covering fashion club for my beat report. I enjoy sleeping and fashion, but I don’t sleep as much as I should.

Kimberly Vuong

I am a junior on the yearbook staff. I am on the designer team as my major and am interested in fashion.

Maikel De Avila

Hello! As you may already know, my name is Maikel De Avila and I am the photographer for the Kerronicle newspaper/magazine. Whenever I am not taking pictures. you can find me sleeping in the science center. Thanks for checking...

Hussein Fahkir

Hello, my name is Hussein and I am in my junior year. I am a part of the newspaper team! My interests are playing video games, watching anime, and sleeping!

Linh Nguyen

Hi! My name is Linh Nguyen and I'll be covering for the Academic Centers.

Teresa Nguyen

I am in 11th grade. I major in social media and marketing, I minor in content. I like to sleep after school.

Kimberly Garcia Rodriguez

My interests include playing Genshin Impact and drawing and reading. I can be silent at times but I'm welcoming if you approach me.

Tiffany Huynh

c/o '22. STUCO prez (covering this as my beat report too!). Yearbook staff for 3 years. Ready to graduate! #senioritis

Muneeb Ahad

I am a junior on the Yearbook Design Team. This is my second year in Journalism and I want to make more memories while working on the Yearbook team.

Truc Luong

I'm currently a senior on the yearbook staff. My major is in marketing and my minor is in design :)

Agha Sadiq Mirza

Hi my name is Agha and I am a junior at Kerr High School. I love to promote as well as use social media like Instagram, that's why I have decided to join the social media and marketing team.

Kosisochukwu Gabriel

I am the person on Yearbook that is in charge of the updates for Chess Club. This is my second year on yearbook and I'm excited to see what Yearbook is like in person.

Natalie Dinh

Class of 2022. Yearbook editor/designer covering NAHS. Also in Fashion Club, Kinda Controversial Podcast, and Pad Pals. Reach me @itsnataliedinh on Instagram.

Phuong Do

I am a sophomore and one of my interests is to dance freely. I also do lion dancing, play volleyball in my free time, and games on my pc.

Alan Do

I am on the yearbook staff covering the Kerr Fitness Club. I enjoy fitness which is one of the reasons why I'm in Kerr Fitness Club.

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