KDS Practices Cultural Dances


Kerr Dance Society officer, Clare Nneji, teaches members for the multicultural dance festival. In room 411, KDS members learn “Wo Da Mo” by Boy Spyce, Mavins, and Rema.

Kerr Dance Society practices five different songs for the multicultural dance festival held by Kerr Desi Club on February 23. “Wo Da Mo” by Boy Spyce, Mavins, and Rema, “Bloody Samaritan” by Ayra Starr, and “Tibwe” by Shakalewa. “Joro” by Wizkid and “Kilometre” by Burna Boy will be performed. A different group will dance to each song, but “Tibwe” and “Joro” will be performed by duos. KDS has practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.