FBLA Hosts Rush Meeting


Over fifty students attend the FBLA rush meeting, occupying the majority of the space in the business center. The officers were surprised but elated by the outcome, having expected only a few attendees. “We were ecstatic with the turn out, but it turned to apprehensiveness when we realized we had to accommodate for the large turnout. Despite our nerves, we still kept the ball rolling and tried our best to ensure everyone who came had a good time,” Tiffany Tran said. “It was definitely a mix of glee and fear, but we’re hoping for similar numbers at our first meeting, so it couldn’t have scared us that badly.”

Written by Tracy Nguyen

The Future Business Leaders of America rush meeting took place in the business center on September 8. The officers introduced themselves and explained the meaning of the club and its activities. They also passed out registration forms. The registration forms and fees will be due on September 20, two days before the first general meeting.