KFC Meetings Held Alongside the Basketball Semi-final

Last Friday, April 27.  had not held a regular meeting due to the basketball tournaments, although this week has. With the last meet, on Monday, May 2,  it had ran a bit slower with the game being a prioritized event that day. Due to the basketball tournament still hosting games on Monday and Friday, they will run as planned, alongside the two KFC meetings. There is still a scheduling delay, although the meet is still planning on being held on Friday, even with the game final.

Through Remind Mr. Lam had posted the times and cancelation dates for KFC in correlation to the Basketball tournament. Last week had held the cancellation of the meetings on the 25th and 29th, while for this week it shows the meeting being held on the 2nd. The time for this Friday still isn’t posted as there is a possibility for there to be no meeting or the time may accommodate for the upcoming Basketball Tournament final.