Individual Freshmen Conferences Scheduled

Written by Teresa Nguyen

Xello Alief Hub During the Freshmen seminar, Mary Meadows, talks about courses and GPA. The students are encouraged to use Xello to help prepare them for their individual conferences. “Xello allows us to create our future courses and help us understand how it works,” Nguyen said.

At the start of this week, freshmen will be planning their individual conferences for course selection. They had a seminar (April 12) from counselors Meadows and Aquil, in which they talked about GPA, credits, prerequisites for classes, and what they mean. The freshmen were assigned to sign up for Xello, this is an app on the Alief Hub which includes a course planner. Meadows ends the seminar by letting the freshmen know they must sign up for individual conferences to set up their classes.