Behind the Speech: Student learns to manage her time the hard way

Krystal U., sophomore, placed  fourth in Poetry at the UIL competition on March 23. She was supposed to be the first alternate– someone who takes the place of those who qualified for regionals competition in the case that they could not go — however, her joyous moment and alternate position disappeared as she was disqualified.

“The time of my Poetry performance was 7 minutes and 5 seconds and the UIL rules strictly states that the performance could not exceed 7 minutes,” Krystal said.

Due to a minor miscommunication between the time keeper in the room and the performer, a potential opportunity to compete at the regionals competition was lost.

“I feel like it’s not the time keeper’s fault but my fault as well. I should have practiced my piece more to get the time down but the time keeper should have gave me a verbal stop,” Krystal said. “In the end, however, I can’t blame anyone but myself because I should’ve accounted for the time keeper not being accurate.”

Krystal calmed herself after receiving the news of her disqualification and plans to prepare for everything next year.

“Mistakes were made and I am not going to beat myself up for it or mope around for long. I plan to get practices in earlier so that I could prepare myself for anything that happens. I also plan to get a friend to time my performance in rounds because, lesson learned, it’s always good to play on the safe side.”