April 2, 2018

After discussing plans for the supplement last week, the Yearbook staff is finally starting to dive into those plans this week. As of right now, Yearbook seniors are currently focusing all of their attention on marketing. They’ve split up the work, with different teams working on posters, commercials, slides, and more. The rest of the staff is left to handle the supplement instead, which is a Kerronicle issue that features all the events that couldn’t be included in the actual yearbook. We’ve assigned photographers, designers, and writers to all six spreads to ensure that everyone has a role to play in the making of this supplement. Because the events included in those spreads don’t begin until sometime next week, we are working on our practice spreads. These practice spreads allow the rest of the staff to play around with jobs they’ve never tried out before. For example, a writer can have their shot at trying to be a photographer and a designer can practice writing.

— Tien Dinh

Update on Newsbook students. The yearbook is officially done however students can still buy the yearbook before it runs out. The Newspaper staffs are writing interesting stories, focusing their time on the newest issue for the Kerronicle, and getting the News Flush ready for everyone who visits the restroom. People in yearbook are worried about the supplement, getting it planned and ready so that people will be informed of the last school events that will happen. There’s a shortage of staff members in Newspaper and Yearbook so please join and tell your friends.


— Leslie Nguyen

February 19, 2018

A few weeks prior, the yearbook staff sent off proofs to Balfour after editing them for corrections. This past week, we have been working diligently on the next batch of spreads for the upcoming deadline on February 20. We designed pages, shot photos, and wrote stories in class every day, making sure that we met the level of quality that we set for ourselves, constantly editing and re-editing our content to make it all flow seamlessly as one book. To make sure that we get our spreads done, we even stayed after school to work on the yearbook. Next week, a few students will be going on the ATPI trip to participate in activities and workshops designed for photographers. They will be leaving on Thursday February 22 and will be back on Saturday February 24. In the meantime, the remaining students will be preparing to cover any upcoming events, such as student council’s Beauty Week.

— Jhoana Fulgencio

Valentine’s Day & Lunar New years

It’s been a week to anticipate for. A day dedicated to love and a weekend to be filled with festive food and resolutions are looked forward to. Valentine’s Day was initiated with carnations passed out by NHS members during advisory. NHS has been selling carnations for the past week where they ended up selling over 3,000 carnations. These carnations come with a cute heart note written possibly by a secret admirer or even just a friend to show appreciation. Throughout the day, many groups of friends passed out gifts and food to show their love and thankfulness of their friendships and relationships. It was a whole entire day to show your love and feel loved.

Another exhilarating event upcoming is Lunar New Years. Coming from a school that has a majority of Asians, it is a big event. Many students are involved in Vietnamese community who celebrate Lunar New Years hardcore. They participate in festivals, lion dancing, playing symbols, dressing up into festive clothing called áo dài. Students have even shown up to school demonstrating their celebration of Lunar New Years dressed in their áo dài. Later this week, there would be a plethora of cultural rituals and traditions, lion dances, firecrackers, and many red envelopes!

— Tracy Dao

The week of 02/05/2018 would mark a very busy week, especially with Ms.Negri being out for majority of the week . The focus of this week is to finish the Winter and Spring spreads by our second deadline of February 20th. On Monday we got five more proofs, including underclassmen pages, that also needed fixing and editing. However we do not have to turn in those proofs until Ms.Negri returns. For those who were not working on fixing the proofs, were working on the pages they were assigned to for the Spring section of the yearbook. Wednesday is known as beat report day, where students will go out to their assigned club and get an update about what the club is doing that week and the following week and then record it down.  The rest of the week would be the same thing with photographers picking out and editing pictures, writers writing their stories for the pictures and the designers creating new spreads.

— Solape Solabi

January 29, 2018

This week the proof pages came back on Wednesday. Ms. Negri made sure to edit every page so that the staff can make corrections as follow. There is a specific way for the corrections to be made, Ms. Negri printed a black and white copy of each page. The corrections have to be marked once they are completed by the indicated person. The designers will not have the responsibility of correcting every section, the writers will have to correct any mistakes on their headlines, sub-headlines, and the story. The deadline for all the proofs is Monday, February 5th.

— Kelly Coreas

November 6, 2017

Met up with Lisa Schwartz from Balfour to learn some marketing skills!

Video of marketing discussion

— Danny Le

October 23, 2017

We are currently working on and finalizing yearbook spreads for Fine Arts, rush meetings, Harvey/Eclipse, etc. and we are, also, looking forward to receiving our new topic for the next spreads that our staff will be working on. Photographers are preparing to shoot “Peter and The Starcatcher” and also HOCO proposals and homecoming practices. We are too getting ready for Red Ribbon Week, which happens to be Yearbook Blitz Week as well. For yearbook blitz week we will be selling yearbooks during both lunches and plan to do fun activities and prizes all of this week beginning on October 23. Publication staff members will each be tie-dying their shirt and write a yearbook related quote on the back with puffy paint. These shirts will be worn by the publications staff on Thursday, October 26, 2017, in honor of red ribbon week to celebrate decades day. Also, our staff members will be taking photographs of these events and any more upcoming homecoming Kerr proposals.

— Clarissa Gallegos

October 2, 2017

The week of 10/2/17 would mark National Yearbook Week. Throughout the week the yearbook staff would have to do different things and post them on Twitter for a chance to win a $100 gift card. So on Monday, we got the Kerr Newsbook staff together to take a staff selfie. Fourtanetly the Kerr Staff won the $100 gift card and also got a retweet from Balfour themselves. A retweet saying “YAS QWEEN”. While we didn’t win everyday for the rest of the week, Monday was a day to remember. The rest of the week was pretty much a work week, with the different groups of photographers, designers and writers working on their own individual things. Whether it be their photo assignments, yearbook spreads, rotating tasks. On Wednesday, most people filed out to their beat reports. And Thursday and Friday would continue to be work days. This week also mark the first payment of $60 for the JEA convention trip. This had everyone scrambling to get their $60 ready by Tuesday.

— Solape Solabi

The week of 9/18/17 the Yearbook staff was very busy. At the beginning of the week, the staff broke up into groups to discuss the work for the first few spreads. Assignments were given to groups that had a writer, photographer, and designer. The spread choices are Summer Vacation, Camps, Cub Camp, Harvey/Eclipse, Rush Meetings, Fine Arts, Academics, Peter & the Star Catcher, and Volunteering/Recovery. The writing staff discussed ideas on what kind of sidebars should be included in the people section of the Yearbook.  The staff also signed up to help out during Senior Pictures on Wednesday. Senior Pictures was all day, but every Senior took their picture. Success! Towards the end of the week, it was relaxed the staff worked on getting all of their work together and completing their assignments. On Friday, photographers took pictures of the first ever Senior Sunrise at Kerr High School. Friday was also the first day of the year for the yearbook staff to go to all lunches to sell Yearbooks. Two staff members will be going to each lunch on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday to promote and sell Yearbooks.

— Kelly Coreas


May 19, 2017

The Supplement will be due very soon. The yearbook staff was been really giving all they got to finish it on time. By taking photos, doing caption, and making the designs possible. Even though we are not done we have spread that a very close to being done. At the same we are trying to getting ready for the singing party which is happening on May 23, 2017. So all the students who bought a yearbook can come to this party and sign each others books. Hopeful, we will get the supplement done in time and the party will be great.

— Peter Mashni

May 5, 2017

Only a few more weeks until the Supplement is due. The staff has been actively designing spreads, interviewing, and taking photos of class wars, lip dub, prom, promposals, and more. Although we’re not done yet, we have quite a few spreads designed and stories written. We’re also still figuring out things such as the Supplement cover and ads. A new thing we’re trying this year is the distribution party. Since we got approval for the party on May 23rd, we won’t be distributing the supplement with the yearbook, however, I’m hoping the party would build more hype for next year.

— Jaclyn Ngo

April 28, 2017

This week we were focused on getting our publication points in. And also taking senior profile picture, We also worked on our supplement spread and are constantly taking pictures of recent event happening around school. But it has been less tense that previous weeks in class. We have also been trying to come up with the theme for next year and also the designed element to go along with it.

— Ashley Fortoh

April 20, 2017

This past week has been a lot more chill compared to the previous weeks. We finally finished the yearbook, and now we are just focused on completing the last assignment of the school year—the supplement. Later this week, half of the yearbook crew will be gone, on a trip to Austin for ILPC. So we are currently trying to finish as many senior profiles as we can before we have to leave. As we prepare for the trip, we are also hoping one of the Newspaper members would be able to win an award for his state competition in Austin as well. As of now, we are just steadily working towards adding stories and pictures into the designs and spreads that will later go into the supplement.

— Michelle Duong

April 7, 2017

After a stressful week last week filled with yearbook deadlines, we’ve finally met them all and finished the yearbook we’ve all been working so hard on. Now, the yearbook staff has been preparing as a staff for the next chapter of yearbook this year: the supplement. This week, we planned out what events we would like to cover in the supplement and specifically what we would like to see on the subject. Afterwards, we assigned the supplement assignments and are actively working towards getting the supplement started. Due to how this week is class wars week, we have photographers taking photos in order to get coverage on that in the supplement. We have started senior profiles as well as posting things on Aurasma, according to recorded videos that match up with the pictures in the yearbook.

— Tien Dinh

February 17, 2017

The end of Yearbook sales had finally come last year, and deadline furiously approaches. The staff this week focused on gathering anecdotes for the people section, while the designer finish creating their pages. We also set up a photo shoot for the senior favorites, which will feature on a page in the book. At the end of the week the staff will also be there taking photos of the performances and interviewing both the audience and the performers. We are also preparing the Journalism Scholastic Week for the duration of the next week. A contest will be held, open to all students that will allow them to take photos and send them into the staff. Every day will have a different theme, but you will only be eligible to enter if you participate on Tuesday. Each day, our outside judges will eliminate contestants until the finalists prepare for the final category on Friday. The overall winner will win a twenty-five dollar gift card. It will be a hassle and a painful month for the staff, but the outcome will prove more than satisfactory.

— Tommy Thai

February 7, 2017

On the week of January 23rdth to January 27th, Yearbook staff pushed yearbook sales and continued to work on the book. We took down old posters and updated them to inform the school that the deadline for yearbook sales has been extended. Staff members were split between A, B, and C lunch to ensure that someone was down in the cafeteria to sell books. Besides Yearbook sales, the staff continued to gather captions, stories, and photos while the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs discussed People pages and further spreads.

— Nhi Nguyen

January 20, 2017

The yearbook staff was continuing planning for the Alphabet Auction which is January 27 2017, by shooting out a commercial, and posters around the school. Also we continued to work vigorously on the yearbook pages trying are hardest to make  them look the best they have ever. In the beginning of the week  we began finalizing the last posters and deciding when and where to shoot the commercial. Even though the commercial took a long time and and hard work  we got it done. Also the yearbook pages also took lots of hard work and determination, but the yearbook staff got lot done. Overall, the yearbook staff has been working very hard and will continues to work very hard.

— Peter Mashni

January 13, 2017

The yearbook staff was busy planning for the upcoming Alphabet Auction and completing more pages for the yearbook. The staffers who were planning the Alphabet Auction completed a series of tasks this week. The beginning of the week was used to brainstorm and assign different tasks. For the remainder of the week the team split up to paint posters, and plan, shoot, and edit the commercial. The other staffers not involved in the preparations for the Alphabet Auction continued designing, interviewing, and writing in order to complete more spreads.

— Jaclyn Ngo

December 5, 2016

In yearbook this week, everyone on staff was assigned to a certain spread to work as either a writer, photographer, or designer for their spread.

Our primary focus is to continue working on the yearbook pages and finalizing the stories and pictures on the pages, as well as making sure there aren’t any errors. The team tasked with doing the people pages (the pages with all the pictures of the students) are going around the centers during third period, conducting surveys and asking people fluff questions to put into the people pages.

Aside from the work we’re doing in class, we’re also attending any events that happen so we can take pictures and put them into the yearbook, such as band/orchestra/choir concerts, theater performances, and special club events.

As each week goes by, we’re getting closer and closer to finishing the book, so we hope everyone’s excited for the 2016-2017 yearbook to come out sometime next year!

— Jhoana Fulgencio

November 28, 2016

Blitz week is when yearbook staff  work hard and come up with creative ideas to get people to purchase a yearbook. This week yearbook was mainly focused on Blitze Week: throughout the week, there were sales in the cafeteria. If you purchased a book on any of those days, after your payment, you could play a game for a prize or discount. And every day of that week we had a different price game.

And also yearbook we also working and  their different assignment. Writers, designers and photographers who had Rush meetings and Camps had to be already done with their assignments by the end of the week.

Thanks to everyone who help support yearbook and all staff members for making it a successful week.

— Ashley Fortoh

November 11, 2016

This week, the yearbook staff is preparing for the upcoming “Blitz Week” that they will be holding November 14th-18th. We are focused on creating some fun games and prizes for the Kerr students to be able to enjoy during all lunches.

Monday: Mini-Pops Monday

Tuesday: Toss It Tuesday

Wednesday: Wing it Wednesday

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Friday: Free-Fall Friday

Thanks to some of the yearbook staff in the commercial and poster groups, we were able to create ways of advertisement that would hopefully perk some interest in our sophomore and junior classes to get a yearbook. Besides from all the work, the entire yearbook staff and an old staff member was able to put together a surprise for Mrs. Negri’s birthday on Friday, as well! We will continue to try our best each week to make a great yearbook for the students at Kerr.

— Michelle Duong

November 02, 2016

This week is Spirit week and we decided to have a photo-booth throughout the week for everyone to take pictures and capture the memories.

Monday: Class Colors

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Pajama Day

Thursday: Nerd vs. Jock

Friday: Purple Out Day

Also, the staff is working hard on getting many of the pages done for the yearbook like taking pictures for the divider and writing divider copies. We also talked about the homecoming game and dance to see who is going to take pictures and videos of those events. 🙂

— Lani Doan

October 26, 2016

Throughout the course of this entire week, we focused on attempting to increase our yearbook sales, as well as work on the divider pages for the yearbook.

We also released a commercial for the yearbook using the photos from the photo collection to capture the interest and attention of the sophomore and junior class. On Wednesday, the yearbook staff took turns each lunch advertising and trying to sell yearbooks.

Furthermore, the yearbook staff has also been working very diligently on the divider pages this week. The staff, separated into photographers, writers, and more, gathered together to assign dividers and come up with some possible ideas. The writers worked on coming up with less abstract messages for the dividers, meanwhile photographers worked on brainstorming with possible scenes that would fit the dividers to photograph.

With each week, we continue to conquer all of the obstacles and tasks that come our way to make more progress for the yearbook.

— Tien Dinh

October 21, 2016

Over the weekend the majority of the Kerr Safari Yearbook staff attended Fall Fiesta. We participated in feature writing, sports writing, basic yearbook design, the scavenger hunt, cell phone photography, and on-site photography.

Abenether Yonas won excellence in sports writing. The scavenger hunt team – which consisted of Nhi Nguyen, Daisy Torres, Jhoana Fulgencio, and Tommy Thai won second place. Leslie Nguyen placed superior in on-site photography, and Lani Doan placed honorable mention in on-site photography as well.

The rest of the staff worked on photo collections for advertisement and commercial ideas for Blitz week, which was determined then by all staff to be held on the third week of November.

During the middle of the week we all discussed and went over coverage, advertisement directed more towards juniors and sophomores, divider pages, and t-shirt designs. The staff continues to work on the development of the yearbook and steadily making progress.

— Francheska Canlas

October 18, 2016

Last week, the yearbook staffs had mostly workdays to focus on finishing up our rotating tasks and, as finals were coming up, get together our portfolios to turn in. We only had Tuesday and Wednesday as normal workdays as we had no school on Monday due to Columbus Day and Thursday and Fridays for finals.

Aside from that, we had taken our photos for yearbook Ids and gathered all our work done for the yearbook to submit as part of our portfolios. Generally, portfolios would consist of bridge building work, fluff questions and answers, photo assignments for events, and any other assignment that that person has worked on.

We are still working on getting photos and page layouts finished for the yearbook spreads and are making more and more choices for how the yearbook will be formatted. Every day, we are getting one step closer to making a great yearbook!

— Madeleine Cadungog

September 26, 2016

The yearbook staff continued to work on their individual assignments, such as, interviewing people for fluff questions and completing our weekly rotating task.  Korean Club Meeting and Choir Fall Fundraiser were some of the events were covered this week. Also, we are updating our Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook weekly.

As for the book itself, the editors discussed what the book would look like, worked on our cover and end sheets. We also talked about how to get more coverage and people inside the book. One way is to do a whole book link, which is a referring feature that is shown on every page.

It was also the last week for seniors to buy their senior packages. However, seniors will still get a chance to buy a yearbook and a senior shirt by talking to their class officer or at the journalism room, today. We sold over 50 books on Friday, which is close to our highest record!

— Tommy Thai

September 19, 2016

The yearbook staff, pretty much had workdays the whole week. On those workdays we split up to do our building bridge, fluff questions, rotating tasks, and also work on ideas for the cover.

What we covered on Tuesday was underclass picture day, which was during first period to second period.

On Thursday we covered the senior picture day, which took a long time (first period all the way to C lunch). Both of the picture days were chaos but an amazing experience. 🙂

On Saturday we had an Alief Journalism Workshop, which middles schooler and high schoolers from alief came over to Kerr to learn, review covers, and have fun as yearbook’s staff. 🙂

— Guiselle Rubio

September 10, 2016

This week Kerr Safari Yearbook planned out our goals for the year. Throughout the week the staff worked on creating a Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also put up posters throughout the school, updated our calendar and sales poster.

Recap of the week:

Monday: We celebrated Labor Day. No school!

Tuesday: We had a discussion and decided that 220 is the minimum amount of books we want to sell and that our ultimate goal is 350.

Wednesday: During A-Lunch we brainstormed ideas for fluffs and assigned them during B-Lunch.

Thursday: We had a guest speaker, Lisa Schwartz, come by and talk to us about book sales and efficient ways to sell ads.

Friday: We had a workday, so everyone split up to work on assignments that they needed to complete. The staff worked on rotating tasks, uploading pictures, renaming them, and the cover design.

— Nhi Nguyen